The “betchiest” week of the year.

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August 7, 2012 by morganmarie25

Two words: Sorority Rush.

Pref day with my senior angels

Those two little words send a chill up my spine and cause my heart rate to spike juuusstt a bit. Rush is an entire week devoted to being as fake as you possibly can, crying about nothing and judging people based on anything from their “too curly” hair style to their accent.

Basically, it’s the worst week of a young woman’s life that has to be repeated at least three times (if you make it that far anyway). But surprisingly, I’m sitting here at my office desk in the “real world” secretly wishing I was with my sisters in Auburn for another round of 14 hr. days voting, judging and crying over a girl I talked to for 5 minutes.

Yes… the real world is THAT BAD. Or maybe it’s just the fact that I couldn’t recognize the good side of rush through my boiling blood and wanting to pull my hair out. Minus all the crap, it is a time where you get to spend 24/7 with your best friends, eat ALL the food in sight and best of all, not have to worry about the “real world.”

So while I’m sitting here lonely at my desk the answer is yes, I’m jealous of all the baby Pi Phi’s still back in the comfort of Auburn in the Lovliest Village on the Plains.

And for all my fellow Sisters… “If you’re talking you’re WRONG!”


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